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Complete Wingfield Farm Series Set – CD #1-7 – Audio CDs

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This is the CD Audio set (INCLUDING Wingfield Lost and Found) of the Walt Wingfield Farm Series (Plays #1-#7) revolving around the misadventures of stockbroker-turned-farmer, Walt Wingfield. (Scroll down for a detailed description and features below)

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*** Save $22.00 By Buying ALL 7 For The Price of 6!***

This set of 14 CDs in total contains the entire performances for ALL 7 of the popular Walt Wingfield Farm Series. Own your very own copy of this Canadian comedic masterpiece. This set makes a perfect gift! Enjoy some laughs on your commute or close your eyes and let the brilliantly talented actor, Rod Beattie take you through the adventures of Walt Wingfield and the hilarious characters of Persephone Township.

This high-quality set is a definite treasure and must-have for any anyone looking to share a laugh! Check out the individual CD items on this website for specific content description for each Wingfield play. The audio CD’s contain the same content as the DVD’s but with Audio only. Perfect for listening in the car.