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The Cast, Creator, & Crew


Rod Beattie

A veteran of fifteen seasons with the Stratford Festival (most recently in Wingfield’s Inferno in the 2005 season), Rod Beattie is one of the most respected and versatile actors in Canadian thea ...

Playwright & Author

Dan Needles

Dan Needles spent half of his childhood in the city and half on the family farm at Rosemont, Ontario. After university, he went to work as editor of the local newspaper in Shelburne where he created t ...

Director & Production

Douglas Beattie

Douglas Beattie became an independent producer and director in 1979. His association with Dan Needles goes back to childhood summers spent on the farm. In addition to heading the Wingfield team, Doug ...

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Who Is Walt Wingfield? And Why Have I Heard That Name Before?

Walt Wingfield is the fictional character portrayed by award-winning actor Rod Beattie in the popular Canadian series of one-man plays. The main character is Walt, a stockbroker-turned-farmer, who falls into many [mis]adventures in farm country and run-ins with the locals of Persephone Township (all played in character by Mr. Beattie). The Wingfield Farm Series have been featured all over the country in over 4500 performances over the past 30+ years. Wingfield has asserted itself as one of the most popular Canadian theatrical comedies, and most successful Canadian theatre production. With relatable humour that anyone can enjoy, the 7 productions of the Wingfield Farm Series have left an indelible mark on Canadian Theatre. If you don't already own the DVD's and CD's, why not consider purchasing your very own set?
There in the middle of the kitchen carpet was Maggie's good casserole dish licked clean and Spike standing beside it. Spike, did you eat Maggie's casserole? [WOOPF] I'll take that as a yes. -- Walt Wingfield